Best Skating Rink Songs 90S

Best Skating Rink Songs 90S

The best skating rink songs from the 90s will have you grooving and gliding like never before. Get ready to transport yourself back in time with these iconic tracks that will keep you moving on the rink all night long.

From the infectious beats of “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer to the rebellious anthem of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana, these songs are sure to evoke nostalgia and make your skating experience extra special.

So lace up your skates and let the music take you on a trip down memory lane as you skate to the rhythm of the 90s.

Nostalgic Hits That Defined Skating Rink Experience

The skate rink experience of the 90s was defined by an array of nostalgic hits that added rhythm and energy to every glide and twirl.

These iconic songs continue to evoke memories and nostalgia in skaters to this day.

Do you remember the good old days of going to the skating rink and grooving to the beats of catchy music?

The 90s were a prime time for some of the most iconic songs that defined our skating rink experiences.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit three of the most nostalgic hits that made us lace up our skates and hit the rink in style.

“Wannabe” By Spice Girls

  • This infectious pop anthem by the Spice Girls took the world by storm in the late 90s.
  • Here’s why “Wannabe” became an instant favorite on the skating rink playlist:
  • Catchy chorus: The “zig-a-zig-ah” hook is hard to resist and has everyone singing along.
  • Empowering lyrics: The song’s message of friendship and female empowerment resonated with skaters young and old.
  • Upbeat tempo: The energetic beat of “Wannabe” was perfect for gliding around the rink and showing off your moves.

“Macarena” By Los Del Río

  • “Macarena” was a global phenomenon, infiltrating skating rinks and dancefloors alike.
  • Here’s why this Spanish dance track was a staple at skating rinks in the 90s:
  • Addictive dance routine: The Macarena dance was easy to learn, and skaters loved showing off their moves on the rink.
  • Infectious rhythm: The song’s catchy melody and rhythmic beats had everyone swaying and grooving along.
  • Audience participation: The call-and-response style of the lyrics encouraged skaters to join in and sing along, creating a fun and inclusive atmosphere.

“Livin’ La Vida Loca” By Ricky Martin

  • Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca” was a chart-topping hit that became a staple at skating rinks around the world.
  • Here’s why this song was a must-have on every roller disco playlist:
  • Irresistible Latin flavor: The song’s salsa-inspired beats brought a lively and infectious energy to the rink.
  • Captivating vocals: Ricky Martin’s charismatic performance and powerful vocals made “Livin’ La Vida Loca” a crowd favorite.
  • Danceable groove: The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy hooks made it impossible to resist hitting the rink and busting out your best moves.

These three nostalgic hits from the 90s are just a glimpse into the catalog of songs that defined our skating rink experiences.

Whether you were perfecting your spins or racing around the rink, these tracks provided the perfect soundtrack to create lasting memories.

So, grab your skates and press play – let’s relive those cherished moments on the rink with these timeless classics.

Best Skating Rink Songs 90S


High Energy Tracks For Non-Stop Fun

Get ready to groove with the ultimate collection of high-energy tracks from the 90s!

These best skating rink songs will keep the fun going non-stop, with their catchy beats and infectious rhythms. Lace up your skates and let the good times roll!

Best Skating Rink Songs 90S:

Bring back the nostalgia of the 90s with high-energy tracks that will keep you grooving and gliding on the skating rink.

These songs are perfect to amp up the atmosphere and ensure non-stop fun for everyone.

Get ready to jump, dance, and skate to the beats of these iconic 90s tunes.

“Jump Around” By House Of Pain:

• This classic track is known for its infectious energy and catchy chorus.

• It has a pulsating rhythm that will make you want to jump and bounce along.

• With its mix of hip-hop and rock elements, “Jump Around” remains a crowd-pleaser.

“U Can’t Touch This” By Mc Hammer:

• One of the most recognizable songs of the 90s, “U Can’t Touch This” is a guaranteed party starter.

• MC Hammer’s signature rap flow and the catchy samples from Rick James’ “Super Freak” make this track irresistible.

• Get ready to bust out those iconic dance moves and groove on the rink.

“Believe” By Cher:

• “Believe” is a powerful dance-pop anthem that ruled the charts in the late 90s.

• Cher’s distinctive vocoder effect on her vocals made this song a game-changer in the industry.

• The uplifting lyrics and pulsating beats of “Believe” will energize any skating session.

Get your skates on and let the 90s nostalgia take over as you glide to the high-energy tunes of “Jump Around” by House of Pain, “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer, and “Believe” by Cher. These songs will infuse your skating experience with non-stop fun and keep the good vibes rolling throughout your session.

Lace up and get ready to groove!

Iconic Ballads For Slow Skating Moments

Discover the ultimate collection of 90s ballads for slow skating moments at the skating rink.

Relive the nostalgic era with iconic songs that will transport you back in time and make your skating experience truly unforgettable.

The 90s were a decade filled with memorable music, and when it comes to slow skating moments, there are a few iconic ballads that really stand out.

These songs have a way of capturing the emotions of love and heartbreak, making them perfect for those slow and graceful skating sessions.

Let’s take a look at some of the best skating rink songs from the 90s that will transport you back in time and make your skating experience truly magical.

“My Heart Will Go On” By Celine Dion:

  • This timeless ballad became a global sensation after being featured in the blockbuster movie “Titanic.”
  • With its beautiful melody and heartfelt lyrics, “My Heart Will Go On” is the epitome of a skating rink classic.
  • The song’s soaring vocals and emotional resonance make it the perfect choice for a slow and romantic skate.

“I’ll Make Love To You” By Boyz Ii Men:

  • Boyz II Men dominated the charts in the 90s with their smooth vocals and soulful harmonies, and “I’ll Make Love to You” is a prime example of their talent.
  • This sensual R&B ballad sets the mood for an intimate skate, with its seductive lyrics and heartfelt delivery.
  • The smooth rhythm and melodic hooks of this song make it a perfect choice for a slow and passionate skate.

“Un-Break My Heart” By Toni Braxton:

  • Toni Braxton’s powerful vocals shine in this heart-wrenching ballad that became an instant classic.
  • “Un-Break My Heart” explores themes of heartbreak and longing, making it the ideal song to accompany a soulful and emotional skate.
  • The song’s haunting melody and heartfelt lyrics will create a captivating atmosphere as you glide across the rink.

These iconic ballads from the 90s have stood the test of time and continue to be beloved choices for slow skating moments.

Whether you’re skating with a loved one or simply enjoying your own company, these songs are sure to enhance the magic and romance of your skating experience.

So, grab your skates and let the music transport you back to the unforgettable era of the 90s, where love and emotions flowed through the rink.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Skating Rink Songs 90S

What Are Some Popular Skating Rink Songs From The 90s?

Some popular skating rink songs from the 90s include “Wannabe” by Spice Girls, “MMMBop” by Hanson, and “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer. These upbeat and catchy tunes were often played at skating rinks, creating a fun and energetic atmosphere for skaters.

They are still loved and enjoyed by many today.

Can You Suggest Some Nostalgic 90s Songs To Skate To?

Absolutely! If you’re looking for nostalgic 90s songs to skate to, here are a few suggestions: “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” by Backstreet Boys, “Genie in a Bottle” by Christina Aguilera, and “Waterfalls” by TLC. These timeless classics will transport you back to the 90s and make your skating experience even more enjoyable.

What Makes 90S Songs Perfect For Skating Rinks?

90s songs are perfect for skating rinks because they are often upbeat, catchy, and have infectious rhythms that make it impossible to resist the urge to move. These songs have a certain energy that enhances the skating experience and creates a fun and lively atmosphere for skaters of all ages.


In this blog post, we have journeyed back to the 90s, exploring the best songs to skate to at the rink.

The 90s era was filled with iconic music that perfectly captured the spirit of skating with its upbeat tempo and catchy hooks.

From the infectious pop beats of the Spice Girls to the nostalgic R&B grooves of Boyz II Men, these songs provided the soundtrack to many memorable skate sessions.

Whether you were gracefully gliding across the rink or trying out your best dance moves on wheels, these songs added an extra layer of excitement and energy to the experience.

So, next time you’re lacing up your skates, don’t forget to indulge in some of these timeless classics and let the music bring back the nostalgia of the 90s skating rink scene.

Get ready to roll and groove to the rhythm of these unforgettable tunes!

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